A Master of Ceremonies (MC) is someone who can lead, command attention, communicate, and when possible (and appropriate) entertain. Those who are in the process of preparing and planning to host an event embrace the reality of the importance and necessity of having an experienced, charismatic person serve in this capacity. When you need the flow of events and program for your special celebration to transition and run smoothly a Master of Ceremonies goes from being a luxury to being a crucial necessity.  DJ JASON COVA Master of Ceremonies Services ensure the execution of all events and formalities are performed just as desired by each client. Whether your event is a wedding, a corporate event, a fashion show, talent show, or community gathering DJ JASON COVA will  lead your event as a reflection of who you are , as your mouthpiece.

Master of Ceremonies

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At this time our calendar for 2020 is completely full! Because of this, we will not be booking any new events for this year.