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DJ JASON COVA is a boutique operation which has Jason and Lauren Cova (a husband and wife team) at its core. Lauren is the Business Manager and Accountant, while Jason is the DJ  and Master of Ceremonies. DJ JASON COVA serves Southern California as a company which provides Professional Mobile DJ and Master of Ceremonies (MC) Services.

As a DJ & Master of Ceremonies Jason Cova leads events that are all in English, all in Spanish, orfully  bilingual

Whether your event is a very formal affair or simply a casual gathering, Jason Cova has the ability to lead it with professionalism, charisma, and attentiveness to the sensibilities of your guests. His aim is to provide an unmatched client experience for each celebration and event he serves.  With his strong love and passion for music, an undeniable gift for public speaking, meticulous attention to detail, and evident charisma he procures uniquely tailored services to fulfill the needs and vision of each client while catering to their culture and musical taste. As a Professional DJ and Master of Ceremonies, in order to procure a smooth and seamless execution of each formality Jason Cova will not only lead the entertainment portion on the day of your celebration, but will also assist in the preparation and planning that comes well before it. 

Ultimately, in an industry saturated with a multitude of event and wedding vendors DJ JASON COVA distinguishes itself as being not merely another event or wedding vendor, but rather as being a genuine Event and Wedding Professional

DJ JASON COVA will provide you and your guests with "Professional Direction. Dynamic Entertainment." 


An Entertainment Professional who can execute your vision and help implement your perfect Soundscape and Soundtrack  for any upcoming celebration.

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